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Robertson's Remedial & Painting are specialists in Strata, Facility Management, Commercial and Residential Painting and Remedial Building Services.

We also offer Colour Consultation services to all of our clients, as well as providing tailored Maintenance Programs to suit the specific requirements of our clients.

Painting Services

We provide a comprehensive range of Painting and Decorating services for Strata, Facility Management, Commercial and Residential customers across Sydney and greater NSW.

Remedial Building Works

With a full builder licence, we also provide Remedial Building Works for Strata, Facility Management, Commercial and Residential customers. No matter the size of project we have you covered.

Comprehensive range of services

With over 50 years experience, Robertson's Remedial & Painting has been the trusted choice for painting, decorating across Sydney and NSW; and with a full builder licence we are able to provide clients with a comprehensive range of services.

  • Exterior and interior painting
  • Heritage restoration
  • Lead paint removal
  • Graffiti removal and prevention
  • Timber staining
  • Line marking
  • Remedial building repairs
  • Render and concrete repairs
  • Concrete cancer and spalling repairs
  • Concreting including driveway installations
  • Lintel replacements
  • Crack stitching, brick and cavity ties
  • Roofing repairs
  • Gutter and down pipe repairs and replacements
  • Waste pipe repairs and replacements
  • Carpentry services
  • Window repairs and replacements
  • Waterproofing
  • Tiling
  • Balustrade and handrail installations
  • Fencing and gates
  • Retainer walls
  • Electrical services

Remedial Building Works

At Robertson's Remedial & Painting we have established a solid network of qualified trade persons for all areas of remedial building works, covering Strata, Facility Management, Commercial and Residential customers.

No matter the size of the project we have you covered.

Whether your building needs water proofing to concrete spalling repairs, or window installation to a ceiling repair (and everything in between), we have the right team dedicated to the job!

Contact us today for an informal chat, or obligation free quote, and see how Robertson\'s Remedial & Painting is trusted deliver a better quality finish.

Concrete Repairs, rendering, spalling repairs

What is Concrete Spalling?

Spalling occurs when water and air reach reinforcing steel in the structural concrete by way of cracks, defects and porosity of the concrete.

The corrosion on the steel builds up, causing expansion which in turn cracks the concrete and causes it to break away around the steel and adjoining concrete surfaces.

Once the expansionary corrosion process commences and the concrete cracks, the rate of water and air uptake increases, as does the rate of spalling.

Over time water is likely to penetrate through the concrete slab corroding the reinforcement steel and causing concrete spalling. The general area of spalling occurs on the outside edges of balconies, exposed concrete slab bands and soffits due inadequate concrete coverage over reinforcement. This generally occurs as at the time of construction the rods were placed too close to the outside edge and render was applied for cover and protection, which was not effective or insufficient.

Water proofing, balconies, planter boxes, roof membranes

What types of Waterproofing are there?

Waterproofing can be categorised as Trafficable. These are Acrylic, flexible waterproofing membranes, for internal and UV exposed external areas.

Non-Trafficable Waterproofing can include Acrylic Membranes for Product Waterproofing, Roofing Membranes, and Pressure Seal Flashing.

Emer-Clad Waterproofing Acrylic, flexible waterproofing membrane, for internal and UV exposed external areas.

As a sunlight exposed waterproofing product for decks, balconies, roofs, and gutters. On roofs and balconies, Emer-Clad provides a durable, slip resistant, waterproof finish which will accept regular foot traffic. Emer-Clad is suitable for application to many common substrates including concrete, fibrous cement products, metals, timber with priming required on most substrates.

Emer-Clad Technical Specifications

Durabit Reo is a water based (Acrylic), polymer emulsion waterproofing membrane which incorporates micro fibres thereby internally reinforcing the product. 

Durabit Reo is an elastomeric, environmentally friendly membrane designed for both internal and (non-exposed) external application. It cures to form a durable, odourless, impervious, seamless membrane that resists re-emulsifying after it has fully even if immersed in water. Durabit Reo, available in Grey and Blue, other colours available but minimum quantities apply, does not stain grout or tiles and has excellent resistance to hydrostatic pressure.
Durabit Reo has been formulated for most waterproofing applications requiring long term waterproofing and meets the criteria of AS4858:2004 Wet Area Membranes and Contact With Drinking Water Test AS/NZS4020:2002 making it ideal for:

  • Shower recesses & wet areas
  • Tiled or topped – decks, terraces, balconies, podiums, roofs
  • Retaining walls, planter boxes
  • Water tanks and immersed conditions

Suitable Surfaces

Concrete, cement, cement render, block work, brick, masonry, FC sheeting and CFC sheeting, plaster board and timber, plywood and particle board (if primed which Duram Primeseal) and metal (if primed with a metal primer).

Duram Technical Specifications

The Sheet Membrane range of waterproofing products incorporates bituminous sheet membranes for a wide variety of roofing and tanking situations. The range of torch on membranes comprises both APP and SBS torch applied products. When reviewing quotations for torch on membranes the following abbreviations may be applied. And refers to the conditions of where the product is most likely to be placed.


APP – Atactic Polypropylene is used to improve the properties of the distilled bitumen basis.

Provides heat and UV resistance required for our climate.

SBS – Styrene Butadiene Styrene is also used to improve the bitumen properties.

Greater flexibility in cold temperatures. Not appropriate for applications where UV exposure is anticipated.

Pressure Seal Flashing (Torch on Bitumen Roof Membrane) is used to seal and flash the edge of Index torch applied bituminous membrane range of products and HD self-adhesive sheet membranes, this usually consists of supply and installing Aluminum strips for sealing and flashing the edge of sheet membranes. The flashing strip is mechanically fixed through the membrane preventing the membrane from slumping, (with 150mm spacing between fixings), with the top edge sealed with a high performance, flexible sealant such as Emer-Seal MS or bituminous mastic.

Crack Stitching Masonry Walls – Helifix System

Correctly diagnosing the problem.

Whatever the visible structural faults, it is critical that the cause of the problem is correctly diagnosed so that appropriate repairs or strengthening procedures can be carried out. RPD work in conjunction with structural engineers who understands building movement and stresses and can devise the most effective repair or strengthening strategy with the solution tailored to suit the specific needs of the project.

Whenever possible, measures to address the cause of the problem should be completed satisfactorily to mitigate the risk of on-going movement.

RPD use and implement Helifix systems such as the use of Helibars with the use of their Helibond cementitious grout. Masonry may move and crack as a result of movement in foundation soils, seismic activity and cyclical wet and dry, hot and cold environmental conditions. Crack stitching reintroduces structural integrity and redistributes structural loads for a quick, simple, effective and permanent solution.

Heli-Fix Products & Technical Specifications

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